October 28, 2020

Top Dating Influencers You Might Want to Follow

Written by madison

Tips & Tricks

We've said it once and we'll say it again: Dating is no walk in the park. If you're single --- you know! Throw in a global pandemic and the thought of meeting new people and finding a mate becomes even more stressful. Luckily, I too am living the dream being single and can shed some light on the dating profiles I've been keeping up with that have helped me get through it---whether from a red flag alert, some comedic relief, or even date night ideas. Check them out below.

The Expert Advisor:

Damona Hoffman

Damona not only brings her expertise when giving advice, but she isn't afraid to be herself and teach you how to love as you are. I think this is so important because conforming is one of the most terrifying things someone could do when it comes to dating but it happens so often! If we're being honest with ourselves, we can all think back on a time where we acted like someone we thought someone wanted us to be --- and if I was a betting woman, I'd say that relationship probably didn't work out? I love Damona's outlook on never compromising who you are as an individual when looking for love.


You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or her PodCast Dates and Mates.

The Tell it Like it is Advisor:


UUP is a podcast hosted by Jordana Abraham, founder of Betches and Comedian, Jared Freid. They discuss real world Millennial dating problems and provide advice on the crazy dating world we live in. Jordana and Jared put their own comedic spin on things that really make you think outside the box when it comes to dating. If you're looking for a duo to get you out of that funk you might be in and tell you like it is, then I recommend giving them a listen! And if I haven't sold you on their humorous Q&A style content, you can find more on their Instagram.

The Hope Giver:

The Way We Met

The Way We Met is an account I like to look at when I'm feeling a little down about the reality of being single. It's full of real people and their stories about the way they met. This feel-good page is a reminder everyone starts out at the same place and we are not living anyone else's story but our own. We get to different chapters at different times --- and that's okay!

The Comedic Reliever:


This account is run by Samantha Rothenberg and it's where I like to scroll when I'm looking for a chuckle. She posts illustrations and comics relating to modern dating, feelings, and other fun topics that will have you crying with laughter.


Date Night Ideas:

Let's say you've scored yourself a date and like myself, struggle to find something to do, there are tons of accounts out there to help! I recommend searching for different influencers who focus on providing information about local restaurants, date night ideas, and activities going on near you.

My personal go-to is @CuratedKW for the Kitchener-Waterlooo area. They're savvy shoppers and foodies sharing their favorite local spots, deals, and other fun stuff. They save and organize all of their stories into highlights so you can stay in the loop on all the greatest new places.

Another great account is NYC DateNite where you can find all the how-to's on eating, drinking and dating in New York City, from someone who has done a lot of it.

So there you go, some of the best profiles for those looking to put yourself out there and date! There are a ton of great accounts out there and I don't think we've even scratched the surface --- If you have a favorite influencer or account you already follow and wasn't mentioned above, share it with us in the comments below.