July 14, 2021

Top 9 COVID travel tips from The Lost Two

Written by erin

Tips & Tricks

Over the past 18 months, we've all in one way or another experienced that itch that just couldn't be scratched---the travel itch. Now that things are starting to open up and border restrictions are becoming more lenient, we decided to reach out to travel experts Claudia and Kaan of The Lost Two to share their top COVID travel tips to help you get back out exploring the world safely.

Top 9 COVID Travel Tips

1. Always Research Beforehand

Unfortunately, the days of hopping on a last-minute flight and heading out to a new destination are put on a slight pause --- but this doesn't mean travel is less exciting. Before setting off on your travels, make sure that you are aware of all the regional and international entry requirements. This includes what nationalities countries are allowing in without restrictions, the testing and vaccination requirements, as well as what forms are needed for entry.  Doing research beforehand will allow you seamless travel and more time to enjoy being in the destination!

2. Be Flexible

The pandemic has definitely taught us some valuable lessons --- and that is to keep an open mind on future plans. With travel restrictions constantly changing around the world, it’s good to be patient and flexible. We have been including extra days during our trips just in case anything goes wrong, like a flight getting cancelled or a COVID test result not coming back in time.

The Lost Two know how to be flexible!

The Lost Two know how to be flexible!

3. Be Understanding

Covid has completely changed business models and forced a lot of businesses to change and adapt. That means that restaurants, cafes, stores and hotels are all trying to enact new safety protocols, in addition to dealing with staff shortages.  Whether this means it takes a bit longer for your coffee or that your breakfast can only be served in your room, be patient!

4. Chose Destinations that Allow Outdoor Activities

Many indoor spaces are still closed, so destinations that allow a lot of outdoor, socially distanced activities offer plenty of things to do. Mountains, forests, beaches, and going on road trips are great places to vacation.

5. Consider Less Popular Destinations

With everyone itching to get out, many popular spots are seeing a surge in tourists. This means that prices are heavily inflated, and the top sights are full of tourists. Instead of heading to Paris, try the French Alps, or instead of camping in Zion National Park, visit Bryce Canyon.

6. Cross-reference Flight Prices and Routes Across Multiple Search Engines For the Best Price

We have been booking directly with airlines during this pandemic to ensure that if any flights get cancelled, we are able to reach an airline representative directly to help us with rebookings. We also try to find flight routes that require the least amount of time in transit, as many airport dining lounges and restaurants are still running at limited capacity, making long layovers super uncomfortable!  In order to find flight deals, we use various search engines, such as Google Flights and Skyscanner to find the best prices.

7. Take Advantage of COVID Specials

We have been loving the COVID specials that many tourism companies have been offering! Many hotels are offering great deals to enhance tourists, such as including breakfast or a ‘stay 5 nights and pay for 4’ program. Sign up with companies that offer travel deals such as Travel Zoo, to see all of the different promotions.

8. Don’t Forget to Make Reservations for Popular Spots

With limited capacity, be sure to reserve popular activities ahead of time. While most indoor activities require reservations, don’t forget that for certain outdoor activities in tourist areas like hikes, campsites, and even beaches, you will need to sign up.

9. Purchase Travel Insurance that Covers COVID

Having an accident while abroad is something that no one ever wants to think about. However, it’s important to be prepared beforehand in case anything happens. A lot of insurance companies are still not covering anything COVID related, so be sure to do your research and read the fine print before purchasing. Travel insurance also works wonders when your flight is cancelled or delayed, or if the airline loses your luggage.

And there you have it---Claudia and Kaan's top COVID travel tips to get you started on planning your next getaway! Want to stay connected while travelling? Don't forget to download the TextNow app that can be used for free calling, texting and video calling even while travelling internationally.