March 20, 2020

Tips and tricks for customizing your TextNow app

Written by valeria

Tips & Tricks

We make phone service for everyone. But not everyone wants the same phone service. Sure, there are some commonalities — no one wants to overpay for basic communication — but everyone's needs are unique, and conveniently, so is our service.

The Basics

Calling and texting—the building blocks of modern communication. It's the one thing we can all agree we want from our phone. The only question is, how do you want it?

Quick Reply

If you didn't already know, your Android-enabled TextNow app has a few tricks up its sleeves for replying to incoming texts, found under the menu-> "Settings"->"Messaging"-> "Quick Reply".

Quick Reply Messaging

Quick Reply Menu

These three options let you dictate how you'd like to answer your texts while you're busy on other apps. Allowing you to maintain the conversation without ever having to open up the TextNow app. For example, choosing the "Floating Chat" option will allow for a contact avatar to display over any screen you're on whenever you receive a message. Tapping on it will open up the conversation, letting you reply in real-time:

Floating Chat

But if that's too invasive for your taste, you can choose from different pop-up options. Whether you're scrolling through bread recipes or taking a shot at real-time baking with your screen locked, you can multi-task and stay connected without ever navigating away from what you’re currently doing.

In-screen pop-up

In-screen pop-up

Locked screen pop-up

Locked screen pop-up

The Nice-To-Haves

You can change the wallpaper on your phone, the font style, icon size, so why can't you do the same on your app? You're sure to be spending enough time replying to messages and making calls on your TextNow app, so might as well make sure you like what you're looking at!


Under your app's "Settings"-> "Display", you will find a few more options for personal customization. Tapping on "Theme" will allow you to pick from a list of colours for all those subtle icons and fonts. And if you find the white screen too painful to look at, you can toggle on the "night" background to enable the elusive dark mode (currently only available on the Android app).

Dark theme

Ahhh, that's better


Just because we're a free service doesn't mean that you don't get perks like voicemail! We've implemented one of the easiest voicemail services—it simply comes up in your inbox as a recording within a conversation. Click "play" and start listening. No pins or codes or complicated numbers to call.

And if you want to record a custom greeting, just head over to "Settings"-> "Calling". Tap on "Voicemail", select the "Custom Greeting" option and record! You can play it back and re-record as many times as you need until it's perfect.

So go ahead and start playing around with your TextNow app. We made it free for everyone, but you can make it right just for you.