July 29, 2020

Tips To Help Extend Your Phone's Battery Life

Written by madison

Tips & Tricks

As we’ve jumped head first into the summer season, we can be grateful that it  not only brings the warm weather and more daylight. This makes our days last a little longer, with more time for activities and more time to obsessively check your phone.  If you’re anything like myself, you're having to charge your phone more often. So I've found some ways to help extend your phone's battery life.

Turn down screen brightness

This may seem pretty obvious, but it is one of the easiest ways to improve the life of your smartphone’s battery. Newer phones even have brightness modes that automatically adapt to your surroundings. Either way, you can change the brightness of your screen in your phone settings > Display & Brightness.

User power/ energy save mode

On most new phones you can program your energy save mode to turn on automatically when you reach a certain percentage. Turning it on before your phone hits this threshold will prolong the inevitable red battery sliver by reducing background activity like automatic updates and mail fetching.

Enable dark mode

The opposite of light? Dark. By enabling dark mode, your phone is using less power to light up the pixels on your screen - also helpful with reducing strain on your eyes. If your phone does not have dark mode, you can strategically choose your own wallpaper and background to something dark to help the same way.

Set your auto lock to turn on sooner

Reducing the sleep timeout will help you waste less battery after you’ve set it down and are no longer using it. To set your auto-lock head into your settings > display and choose 30 sec (or the lowest time depending on your device).

Check battery health to see what’s taking up your charge

Close out apps running in the background when you’re not using them. By being able to get to the root of the issue, you can find out what is draining your phone's battery life. Once you know certain programs or apps take up more battery than others, you can avoid them when you need your battery to last. You can usually find a health report within your phones settings > battery.

Avoid extreme weather such as frigid cold, or the scorching heat

Extreme temperatures are not helpful for lithium-ion batteries (the ones most commonly found in smartphones). If the battery gets too cold, the energy provided slows down and restricts the battery capabilities. Where the opposite happens in extreme heat, the battery works faster and gets over worked. Want to learn more? Check out our post about keeping your phone safe from the heat.

Android phone taking photo

Well there you have it, a handful of tips and tricks to help you keep your phone alive when you really need it and make sure you can have all the conversations you want— of course through TextNow!