August 21, 2019

Three Reasons Why TextNow Is The Must-Have Back-To-School Accessory!

Written by erin


Last year, we asked you to tell us why TextNow was the must-have accessory for going back to school, and we were not disappointed with your responses.

Phone plans for all!

It was unanimous — whether you want to make sure your little one has a safe walk to school, you want an easy-to-manage plan for your teen, or you’re looking for an affordable phone plan for yourself as you head off to college — TextNow has a great option for you!

For the little one

For those who don’t need all the bells and whistles, we have our free and premium TextNow app options. The best part about our TextNow app is it can be downloaded onto just about any Android or iOS smartphone for free! That means that you can put that old smartphone you have stashed away in your drawer to good use.

Since most schools offer Wi-Fi for the staff and students these days, this solution makes checking in with your kids easy and affordable!

You're reading our mind Rachael!

Ready for that high school upgrade?

Let’s face it, once your kids become teenagers they want to spend as little time at home as possible. Going to and from school includes multiple pit stops that are hard to keep track of, and that’s precisely where our Talk and Text Only plan comes into play.This plan provides users with unlimited calling and texting with or without a Wi-Fi connection. Calls and texts placed off of Wi-Fi are sent through TextNow’s data network, so you’re always connected. At only $9.99/month, this plan is an excellent option for anyone wanting to stay connected to their teen.

Thanks for the tip, Fernando

Graduating and Upgrading

Remember those bells and whistles you didn’t think you needed before? Well now’s the time! Going to college is a huge step and a massive change that may require some serious back up to get through — and that’s where our Unlimited Plan comes into play.

Priced at only $39.99/month, our Unlimited Data plan can help you keep in contact with your family back home, and your new friends on social media without breaking the bank. Worried about getting lost in a new city? Don’t sweat it! With unlimited data, you can use Google Maps to your heart’s content, there are never any overage fees with TextNow.

Shi sums up the benefits of TextNow perfectly!

Not sure what plan will suit your needs? The beauty with TextNow is that there are no contracts, which means switching plans is easy! You can review and compare all of our available plans here.