October 16, 2020

This is not an #ad: How to remove ads on your TextNow account

Written by valeria


Whether you realize it or not, ads make up a large part of your day. They're there every time you open up Instagram in the morning, when you check in on your Facebook groups' updates in the afternoon, and they're even there when you listen to your favorite podcast on the way home from work. Of course, they're there for a reason: to keep your service free.

We use the same model at TextNow. If you can't afford phone service (or simply don't want to pay for one), you don't have to. Our in-app ads keep the service free, so you can send unlimited texts and make unlimited calls for as long as you'd like. But in the case that you don't like seeing those ads on your screen, and have some spare room in your monthly budget, we do have two options, fit for every need — and every budget.


Our robust Ad-Free+ subscription will get rid of all ads, and will even give you added benefits such as:

  1. Lock in your number (so you don't have to keep it active every day!)

  2. Voicemail transcription (so you can read on-the-go)

  3. Call forwarding

And all of this, for only $9.99/month.


You should be this excited for Ad-Free+!

Ad-Free Lite

This offer is for those who don't mind the ads so much, they just want less of them. So it will remove all of them except for one banner, all the way at the bottom of your screen. Freeing up the rest of it for — well, everything else.

It will not include the added benefits listed for Ad-Free+, but is significantly more affordable, at only $1.99/month.

Ad-Free options

Find them both in your TextNow app's menu!