February 12, 2021

The TextNow Job Interview Process

Written by austin

Tips & Tricks

TextNow is growing exponentially. Our world-class product teams are collaborating and working hard to continue to build and iterate our amazing product but also, build amazing teams. We take pride in our culture and our interview process, and in having a stellar candidate experience to ensure we're attracting great talent to join TextNow.

As a direct result of our speedy growth, our very busy recruitment team is hungrily recruiting and reviewing candidates across most of our company functions and departments. So, given that, we thought we'd give you a peek into our hiring process, along with a few useful links for the prospective new employee. Here's what you can  expect during the TextNow recruitment process.

The Process:

  1. You apply to TextNow or we reach out to you, via LinkedIn or through some other channel: Our team is looking for exceptional talent. Because of our Work Best Policy we have the ability to hire the best talent anywhere. Most of our full-time employees are in the US and Canada, but we do have some contract employees globally.

  2. Phone screen with recruiter: This is our chance to learn about your professional goals, experience, skills and discuss the TextNow story and why it is the best place to work!

  3. Hiring leader screen: This is a chance for you and our leaders to discuss your qualifications, our culture, and their management philosophies as well as assess if it makes sense to move forward in our process.

  4. Assessment: This is the fun part! If you're interviewing to join our Engineering team it will be a coding assessment. For Design and related positions, there'll be a portfolio review.

  5. Interview with the team: At this point if things are going well, and we are excited for you to meet our team, we'll invite you to the "on-site" interview (aka Zoom video interview) where you will connect with the people on the team and get a sense of our culture. TextNow takes pride in sticking to our Culture Manual  - we even made it accessible to everyone at that link.

  6. Feedback or welcome! The Talent Team will sync with the interview loop participants and a decision will be made to move forward with an offer. If not, we will do our best to provide you with feedback. We also love your feedback as well, so we encourage you to fill out the candidate survey. We always strive to evolve and be the best that we can!

The interview process can be scary, especially using Zoom.  Luckily, we recently published a tips 'n' tricks guide to a successful Zoom interview over on our consumer blog. (We think of everything around here.)

We're growing quickly, so explore our job openings, follow us on LinkedIn, see how our employees work on Instagram @TextNowLife, and download our app!