October 31, 2019

The Monster Phone Bill Mash: Remix

Written by valeria

Saving Money

Last year, I ventured into the scary investigation of phone bills and all the monsters that they hid under their beds (aka their fine prints and masked fees). The process proved to be eye-opening and if I'm being honest, a little frightening when it came to tallying up the sheer amount that regular people pay every year for phone service. Between the monthly bills, the fees, the taxes, and then a brand new phone on top of it all— well, let's just say that our fridges would never again be empty if we could skip the phone bill altogether.

Which brings us here. A full year later, I'm still surprised to find that the most basic necessity (much like a stocked fridge) is still being charged by these phone companies. A real phone number that can be reached by friends, family, employers, even doctors is not a free commodity. But here at TextNow, we believe it should be. And we always have.

So instead of telling horror stories of bottom lines and credit chasers, we thought that this Halloween, we'll skip the jump scares and get right to the good part: the happy ending. More specifically, our customers' happy endings when they realized that they could say goodbye to their hefty phone bill, without saying goodbye to their phone service.

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