June 27, 2019

The Freedom Of The 80s With The Comfort Of Today: The “Stranger Things” Summer Edition

Written by valeria

Tips & Tricks

School is out, and perhaps this is the first year you decide they’re old enough to be left to their own devices. Unchaperoned. Now, there may not be a Demogorgon lurking around your town, or a localized Upside-Down, but there’s no harm in keeping tabs on them anyway, right? Luckily, it’s not 1983, and you don’t have to rely on a science experiment to find out where your children are at all times. So if you want peace of mind this summer, read on.

“How Will I Know Where They Are?”

It’s not considered stalking if it has good intentions, right? You don’t want to be all up in their space, but you’d feel better knowing where they are. No fancy gadgets needed here. If they have a phone, they can share their location with you through Google maps. We all know they carry their phones with them everywhere they go anyway, so you can know exactly where “everywhere” is.

Sharing Location

See Google support for more information

“But My Kids Don’t Have A Phone Yet!”

Did I mention it’s not 1983 anymore? Thanks to our wonderful leaps in technology, there are other smart gadgets that you can purchase that will keep tabs on your kids, without you having to compromise by buying them a phone. Review site Safewise put together an easy list of GPS tracking gadgets that fit any lifestyle, that may even make them feel like real-life characters in a mystery show.

“I Don’t Want To Spend Money On Another Gadget, But I Have An Old Phone Lying Around. Can I Use It?”

Ahhh, music to our ears. Having an old phone is the best way to stay connected with your kids and save some money. Chances are high that wherever they are, there is Wi-Fi. Whether that is a friend’s house, an arcade, the movie theatre, or even out in the city, connectivity is pretty easy to find. So, here comes the part where we talk a little bit about ourselves.

If you don’t know us by now, hi! We’re TextNow. What that means is that we are a service that provides real phone numbers for free texting and calling. To any Canadian or American number. You can sign your kids up for a free account (with your own email address if you’d like, so you can keep tabs on any incoming texts), and voila! They now have their own number that you can use to call or message them this summer without having to dig into your wallet. Consider us your Chief Hopper. Or Steve’s hair.

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