September 9, 2020

The Best Financial Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Written by erin

Saving Money

Managing your personal finances can be difficult and confusing, so knowing what it is you're saving for and making a plan is an important first step. Unsure if you should be looking to increase your income, decrease your spending, or a combination of both? Luckily, thanks to social media, we're now able to access expert advice easily through some of the best financial Instagram accounts directly on our phones.

The Financial Diet

Offering a mix of budgeting tips, entrepreneurial advice and motivational posts, The Financial Diet is your well-rounded source for everything finance on Instagram. I personally enjoy following along with this account because the content is simple and easy to digest for the average person. If you're looking for more detailed advice, The Financial Diet also has a ton of great resources on their YouTube channel and website.

TFD Instagram Tip

@thefinancialdiet post: Sept 4, 2020

Clever Girl Finance

Founded by Bola Sokunbi, Clever Girl Finance's mission is to help women succeed at building wealth by eliminating debt and save money. Whether you're looking for guidance on setting savings goals, interested in learning how to make your money work for you through investing, or are trying to chip away at a daunting loan, Clever Girl Finance has it all for you. Not only can you find some great daily posts by following this account on Instagram, but also check out their website for some amazing free resources including personal finance courses, one-on-one mentor calls, a supportive online community and more!

Clever Girl Finance IG post

@clevergirlfinance post: Sept 9, 2020

His and Her Money

Money and marriage experts Talaat and Tai McNeely are on a mission to help build power couples with a purpose. Followers on His and Her Money on Instagram can expect to see great inspirational stories from real people that were able to make their way out of debt as well as motivational reminders to help you continue on your personal finance journey. For more in-depth financial guidance and strategies tune into the His and Her Money podcast or YouTube channel that covers everything from side hustle projects to managing a mortgage.

His and Her Money IG Post

@hisandhermoney post: Sept 4, 2020

Yes, I am Cheap

Sandy Smith, founder of Yes, I am Cheap, offers her followers helpful, inspirational, and realistic advice to financial management and entrepreneurial ventures. Since Sandy isn't a certified financial advisor she does recommend that you consult a professional if you're looking to make a big change to your finances, but the content she shares is very genuine and may help you get a better grasp of how to tackle your finances without all the technical financial lingo.

Yes I am Cheap IG post

@yesiamcheap post: Aug 27, 2020

Wise Woman Wallet

Last recommendation, but certainly not least, is Wise Woman Wallet which is run by the self-identified Miss Wise. If you decide to follow along with Miss Wise on Instagram you'll receive some helpful debt-crushing and savings tips while also getting to follow along with her personal journey of working towards becoming debt-free as a teacher living and working abroad. If you're looking to start climbing your way out of debt, Miss Wise and her community could just be the accountability partner you've been looking for to stay on track.

Wise Woman Wallet IG Post

@wisewomanwallet post, Jan 5, 2020

So there you have it, some of the best financial Instagram accounts for those looking to grow their incoming, save more, spend less and get out of debt. There are so many great accounts on Instagram and across other social media platforms, so if you're not so sure about any of the ones listed above but still want that daily financial tip to be in your feed, consider following related hashtags like #BudgetingTips or #FinancialPlanning. Doing that will provide you with a variety of posts on your topic of interest from different accounts, who said you needed to commit to just one?

If you have a favorite account that you already follow that wasn't mentioned above, you can share the handle in the comments below to spread the word!