June 30, 2020

The Art of Phone-tography: Taking Better Pictures On Your Phone

Written by madison

Tips & Tricks

It seems that everyone nowadays is out to capture the perfect shot. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, but a great picture is arguably worth a whole lot more. With summer just starting up, you're sure to want to capture all the scenery you can, so we've compiled a handy list of easy tips and tricks to elevate your photography game—no matter what phone you're on.

Before we jump into it, there is one trick I personally swear by: Give your phone's camera (either front or back) a good clean before taking a picture. Try to use a non abrasive material like a microfiber cloth to keep the lens from getting scratched. After all, a smudgy camera is not going to elevate your photo game.

1. Turn the grid on

The grid will help you keep your camera straight and follow the rule of thirds a little easier. You can find this feature within your phone's camera settings:

iOS Camera Settings

Android Camera Settings

2. Tap the screen to focus

Tapping the screen to focus takes all of 1 second to do before snapping a photo and makes all the difference between a good photo and a "wow, that looks sharp!" photo.

3. Try not to zoom in

Zooming in can cause the end result to turn out blurry or pixelated. Instead of zooming in on your screen, take a step closer and bring the camera closer to the person or object you're taking the picture of. For iOS specifically, if this is not possible, be sure to hit the 1x or 2x button (it's easier than pinching the screen and makes sure you don't go past the 2x which lowers image quality).

4. Resist using the flash!

Most of the time turning the flash on will just make your pictures look washed out or over exposed. If you're lacking light, most phones give you the option now to use night mode or lock adjusting the brightness.

5. Portrait mode

If your phone has more than one camera, you can use this mode to add depth-of-field and lighting effects to portraits and other objects. This will really take your pictures to the next level!

6. Use the timer

Wanting to take the perfect shot, but have T-rex arms like myself? I've become an expert at creating make-shift tripods out of whatever I can find and using the timer feature to catch the perfect shot. Make sure you tap to focus on what/ who you're taking the picture of and I even like to take a few practice shots.

If you remember these 6 easy tips, you'll be a pro just in time for the warmer weather!