May 12, 2019

TextNow’s Top Texting Tips For Moms

Written by kevin-c

Tips & Tricks

You know what’s a great gift for Mother’s Day? A phone. The brownie points you’d get from mom would be through the roof. Imagine you hand your mother a new phone and say “Here, Mom, I got you something so that you can always talk to me whenever you need to.” You’d have that Child Of The Year award locked down, my friend.

But surely it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, right? Isn’t handing your mom a modern computing device basically asking for trouble? Well, there’s no real good way to put this, but…. yes. With great mobile power, comes great mobile responsibility.

But worry not, all you children of mothers! We gotchu. Simply have your Mom read this article — not this part though — and she’ll be texting like a President in no time.

Tip #1: When using acronyms, take a quick moment to look them up first.

The language of the internet moves fast, especially for moms who haven’t engaged with technology since rotary phones switched to push buttons. So understandably there’s an field full of land mines waiting for unsuspecting moms in the form of acronyms: ROTF? BRB? G2G? FML? “What is this, my homemade alphabet soup?” she’s probably saying.

So just in case your mom has accidentally laughed at everybody’s funeral announcement, like this mom did, maybe take a little time to make sure she knows what the letters mean. She’ll be YOLOing in no time!

Tip #2: A hashtag is just a fancy name for the number sign.

Texting Mom

The number sign — or “pound key”, as many moms might call it — is what those young whippersnappers call a “hashtag”. Fun fact: It’s called a hashtag because it looks like the kitchen utensil you use to make mashed potatoes! (It’s not, really, but I bet other moms won’t know that.)

Hashtags are used all over the place, but Twitter really popularized them as a way to tag a subject — like #ungratefulteens, or #momsknowbest or #seriouslyyoucantpickupafteryourself?. Moms don’t need to use them when they’re texting with you, but let them have their fun.

Tip #3: Stick to the emojis on your keyboard.

Moms will sometimes get…creative with their typography. Because it’s the internet, that can go real bad, real fast. So before your mom starts typing a lot of equal signs and capital Ds, maybe show her how to use the picture emojis first. And maybe skip over the eggplant one.

Tip #4: Never, ever change.

Texting Mom

Here’s the thing with communication: You can give your mom the most advanced piece of technology in the world, but she’s still gonna be your mom. She’s gonna make sure you have enough yogurt AND enough culture. You can’t stop her. And admit it: There’s nobody else in your life who is so concerned about you she checks up on your yogurt intake, right?

And finally…

Tip #5: Mom might be smarter than you think.

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