January 11, 2022

TextNow 101: in-app purchases

Written by kevin-c


If you're reading this, then you probably know TextNow is an app that lets you call and text any number in the US and Canada for free, right from your smartphone or browser. But dig into our app a little deeper, and you'll find we also have some pretty nifty add-ons available too! Here's the scoop on TextNow's in-app add-ons, which you can find in the My Store section on the TextNow app's main menu:

Premium number

When you first log into your TextNow account, the app will ask you for an area code, and then present you with a list of available numbers in that area code, like the pic above shows. Any of the numbers that say "free" next to them are --- you guessed it --- free. You can pick any of the numbers available and then you're off to the races.

But, wait, what's that one at the top with the little diamond next to it? That, my friends, is what we call a premium number. Premium numbers are ones that are "easy to remember" numbers, like the one selected above --- 226-779-9599. That one really rolls off the tongue. So for $4.99 USD ($6.99 Canadian) a year, you can snap it up for yourself. And if you don't like the choices, wait around a few seconds and the screen will refresh with new ones.

Also note that a premium number stays locked to your account (more on that below) and can receive verification codes as well.

Lock in number

And speaking of verification codes, we also have a lock in number add-on available. When you get a free TextNow number, your number can be revoked if it goes unused for too long --- meaning you haven't made any calls or sent texts in a while. Also, free numbers can't receive verification codes from other apps or services (like Uber for example.)

But, there's a solution to both! At anytime you can choose to lock your number to your account for $4.99 USD ($6.49 Canadian) a year. Now you'll be able to receive verification codes, as well as not have to worry about keeping your number active.

Ad-Free Lite

People often ask us how we're able to provide our app for free, and the simple answer is: ads. The ads in the app allow us to keep providing completely free calling and texting. But, if you don't wanna see 'em, we offer a couple of add-ons for the advertising-adverse:

The first one is our Ad-Free Lite option, which gets rid of all the ads except for the banner ad at the bottom of the TextNow app for $1.99 USD/month ($2.79 Canadian). This is a very popular item with our users.

But there's one more option, and I've saved the best for last...


This is the big one. Ad-free+ is like TextNow on steroids.

Ad-Free+ bundles up the Lock In Number add-on, plus removes all the ads (banner or otherwise) from TextNow, and throws in a couple of neato features for good measure: Voicemail transcription ( which transcribes the voicemails you receive into a written format), and we throw in unlimited photo and video history to boot. If TextNow is like a sweet BMW, then Ad-free+ is like a souped up race-car.

And remember, you can find all these options under the My Store section of the main menu of the mobile app. (Sorry, desktop users, but these add-ons are only available through the app.)