May 6, 2022

Texting tips for that one mom you know

Written by kevin-c

Tips & Tricks

We're here to make friends, so we want to be really clear: We love moms. We owe so much to so many moms, and we're forever in their debt.

But we bet you might know a mom or two who texts that one way. You know, too many emojis, ghosting for days at a time. That one. This Mother's Day, give them the gift of some texting dos and don'ts.

Excessive Emoji Mom

Aside from the occasionally questionable emoji use, this mom is all about quantity over quality. “Why use one heart when I can use thirty?” thinks the Excessive Emoji Mom. “How else will they know I love them?”

Tip for these moms: Take a quick look at your text before you send it. Is it three characters of text followed by twenty hug emojis? Maybe one or two will do. We're sure the message will still get through.

The “What?” Mom

What Moms are trying their best. They really are. But texting slang changes so dang fast it’s hard to keep up. Busy parents can’t be expected to keep up with every new texting acronym. It’s not like they have a tab open to Urban Dictionary all the time. So, it’s on you to be the friend who kindly explains to them that WTF does not stand for “well that’s wonderful.”

Tip: Be careful who you go to and ask what an acronym means – it'll just lead to more questions.

The Ghoster Mom

Sort of the flip side of Excessive Emoji Mom, Ghoster Mom is as restrained as Emoji Mom is excessive. Ghoster Mom, unlike literally everyone else you know, is not online 24 hours a day, so she might not be instantly available to answer your extremely important text.

Tips: Nothing. Stop bugging her.

The “K” Mom

A close relative of Ghoster Mom, “K” Mom will acknowledge your text with a single letter. She might sometimes cut a little loose and slap down a double-k, equally as context-free. Is she saying, “OK, have fun,” or “OK, fine, I’ll just sit at home alone by myself,” you might wonder? Is she mad, angry, indifferent? With “K” Mom, there’s no way to tell.

Tip: Introduce “K” Mom to the concept of emojis. Be careful though, because “K” Mom might turn into Excessive Emoji Mom before you know it.

Helicopter Mom

While you can’t prove it, you’re convinced Helicopter Mom has an alarm that goes off if she hasn’t received a text from you in the last 38 seconds. Helicopter Mom is just making sure you’re OK, because what if something happened? How would she know? Keeping tabs on you is her job as a mom, and she takes her job seriously.

Tip: Make peace with the realization that Helicopter Mom will never ever, ever stop caring. Thank goodness you have free texting from TextNow!