March 6, 2020

Tax Season: How To Make The Smart Splurge

Tax Season is in full swing, and while it comes with its fair share of stress and uncertainty, it can also signal the arrival of a favourable return. Statista reported last year that 73% of those who filed their taxes in 2018 qualified for a refund, "with the average refund amounting to $2,899" —a sizeable deposit! Which begs the question, what do you do with your tax refund?

How Americans that expect a tax refund this year plan to spend the money.

We'd all love to take that money and head to the mall, but it's probably more responsible to use some of your tax return for savings or paying off lingering debts. But life's short, so we'd like to advocate for treating yourself - at least a little bit. Let's call it a smart splurge.

The Smart Splurge

Let's say you're looking at upgrading your phone (or perhaps buying your first), but you don't want to spend your entire tax refund on the latest model. May we recommend making this splurge the smart one by following these key steps:1. Look for a refurbished model, not new2. Decide early on what your main needs are from your phone plan, and find one that accommodates them at the lowest price3. Look for a BYOD option (bringing your own device) so you don't get locked into a contract

Getting the newest smartphone sounds great! Spending $1,000 on it - less so. With phone models constantly being unveiled every year with - let's face it - marginal upgrades, the novelty of flashing the latest and greatest around has started to wear off. Instead, you can buy a refurbished phone with all of the necessary requirements for a quarter of the price. Even if it's a year or two behind the newest generation. After all, a slightly older processor won't deter you from posting pictures of your pets or staying in touch with loved ones. This year, when you get that tax return check, make the "smart splurge" so you have some money left over for the important things.Phones aside, the price tag that really makes an impact is the one on your monthly service plan. There are a lot of competitive prices out in the market and luckily, a lot of choices to find the one that makes sense for you. But why have an affordable phone service when you can have a free one? If staying connected to friends, family, employers, doctors, whoever you may need is your only priority, then you don't need to pay for such a basic necessity. With the TextNow app, you can stay in touch for free wherever you may go - with or without WiFi. All through our ad-supported Nationwide Talk & Text service. And if you don't believe us, check out what our customers had to say:

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