September 14, 2021

Switching phones? Your guide to keeping your TextNow number

Tis the season for making changes. While the fall weather is more commonly associated with wardrobe changes and new drink modifications, it has also recently become synonymous with phone upgrades, with Apple's new iPhone announcements usually making headlines around this time each year. So if you're in the market for a new phone, but worry about all the "paperwork" that comes with it, let us ease your mind with this quick and easy guide on how to switch your phone, but keep your phone number.


1. Download the TextNow app

If you didn't already know, your TextNow number isn't tied to a SIM card, or your physical phone. It's actually available anytime, anywhere on your TextNow account. So all you have to do on your new phone is open up your PlayStore (Android) or App Store (iPhone) and download the TextNow app. Which leads us to the next important step.

2. Sign into the right account

One of the more common reasons we see customers contacting us is because they think they lost their number or their conversations. In truth, they simply signed into a new account, prompting the app to ask them to get a phone number, and once assigned, show a conversations list that's empty (since it've never been used). So it's important to make sure and sign into the same account you're already using in order to get your number and all your conversations synced. A helpful tip is to remember whether you originally signed up for your TextNow account with an email and password or by tapping the "connect with Google/Facebook/Apple" button. When in doubt, contact our live chat support between 10am-5:30pm EST, or reach out to our helpful team on Twitter.And you're live! Those two steps are really the only ones you need to follow in order to keep your phone number on your new phone. And once you're switched, don't forget to sign yourself out of all your other open sessions (such as on your old phone) for extra security and an added peace of mind.