April 9, 2020

Staying Connected With Those Abroad

Staying connected has always been the cornerstone of our service model. It's why we offer free calling and texting through our app, with WiFi and without. It's why we work tirelessly to keep improving our users' experience, releasing updates weekly. And it's why we offer more than just domestic calling and texting.

Connections Without Borders

You may have family abroad that you like to check in on, and you can use your TextNow number to call them at a lower cost. Whether you're using the Android, iOS, or web app, you can make an international call through your dialpad by selecting the country code from the menu on top:

international calling

Once you've selected the country code, just type in the rest of the number, and check to see what the rate is for that call below the country's icon. More often than not, the call may be completely free!

Calling Germany

Unlimited calling! If there is a cost associated with the number you're trying to call, you will see the exact rate on the top of your screen, and can decide accordingly on how many international long distance credits you need to purchase to complete your call.

Calling India

Those are some low rates! If you'll notice, the top right of the screen shows $0.10 already available. We load every new TextNow account with that complementary balance. If you need to add more, you can purchase our international long distance credits. On the mobile app, tap on "My Wallet" in the menu option and add as much as you need from there. There is no expiry date on your balance, so even if you only end up making international calls once a year, your credits will always be available for the next.

Keep The Conversation Going

If you want to keep up a more fluid stream of communication, you can also text with select international numbers for free. Experience the same unlimited texting service from your phone, tablet, or computer with friends abroad. The full list of eligible international carriers can be found here.