March 27, 2020

Stay Healthy While Social Distancing: Best Free Wellness Apps

Doing your part by staying home and self-isolating is so important right now, but staying in can make it a lot more difficult to take care of yourself. In another post I shared some great options to help you stay active and get some energy out, but self-care is so much more than just worrying about your physical state.

Below I’ve provided some amazing free resources that you can use to complete your self-care routine:

Smiling Mind — Available for Android, iOS and on web.

This completely free meditation app and web service is perfect for people of all ages and meditation experience levels. Smiling Mind recognizes the importance of being mindful throughout our daily lives, but with the explosion of the Coronavirus they’re providing even more insight into why managing your emotions is more crucial than ever.

Stop, Breathe, Think —Available on Android and iOS.

This is another meditation app that can be downloaded for free, but also has a paid premium option. My favorite feature of this app is that once installed you can indicate how you’re feeling at any given time and based on that the app will recommend a meditation option for you. If you’re new to meditating you might not know what practice is best for you, so this feature is great!

BBC Good Food — Available for Android.

Wellness encompasses mind, body and soul… or something like that! With over 10,000 recipes available for free, you’re bound to find something you like. The food you put into your body can affect both your body and your mind so let’s try to avoid binge eating junk and opt instead for some good quality food while stuck at home.

Big Oven — Available for Android and iOS.

Did you think 10,000 free recipes was a lot? I did too until I learned that Big Oven has over 350,000 recipes available within their free app! They also have a feature that will help you build your grocery list based on what recipes you want to make. Perfect if you’re ordering your groceries online — just copy and paste!

Dots — Available for Android and iOS.

Alright, this app suggestion is one hundred percent for brain stimulation. It’s super simple, and super fun. Dots is essentially a puzzle game that will help keep your brain engaged and active. If a couple rounds of Dots each day will help stop the process of your brain turning to mush, I’d say it’s worth a try.

I’m sure we’re all struggling to stop watching TV or to get off of social media, but if we can take some time out of our day to focus on our health and wellbeing we’ll all be better off once we’re able to get back to our normal lives!