April 21, 2022

Spring cleaning : How to dispose of your old phone

Written by valeria

Tips & Tricks

With every cycle of spring cleaning, there inevitably comes the process of decluttering and throwing out old things you no longer use, or even forgot that you still had. What you may find during that process is that tucked away in a drawer is an old phone — or two — that you now have the strong urge to throw away. But before you do, consider these more eco-friendly options instead:


EcoATM lets you sell your old phone to them, where you will be reimbursed based on its perceived value. You can price your phone on their site beforehand, and then go drop it off at any of their kiosks, available in locations nationwide. Simple, convenient, and you get some extra cash out of it!


If you like the idea of getting paid for your old phone, but don't have means or patience to find a drop-off location for it, you can also use Gazelle to do it all online instead. You can head to their website and put in your phone's description to receive an estimated value of what you'd be paid for it. Once accepted, they will send you a pre-paid box that you can then use to package the phone up and send it to them. Once received and evaluated, they will send you your funds either via cheque or PayPal (or if you prefer, an Amazon gift card!)


If you'd like to have more control over how much you can get for your old phone, you can list it on Swappa — an online consignment store. While you will need to pay for shipping to the buyer, Swappa will deposit the money into your PayPal account as soon as it sells, no waiting for the shipping to be completed necessary.

Another simpler version of this that won't require you paying for shipping is to simply list it on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, and sell it locally.

Trade- In

Another option that could benefit your desire for a phone upgrade is to look into trade in programs with either phone service providers or manufacturers. For example, Apple offers either a credit toward your next purchase, or a gift card with trade ins of their old phones. And if your phone isn't eligible, they will still take it and recycle it for free, so you can feel good about not adding to the world's e-waste.


Lastly, if you truly don't care about getting money back for an old phone, and would rather it go to someone in need, look into local charities available in your area. Many shelters and Salvation Armys will likely take electronic donations, helping those out in need to stay connected to medical professionals, loved ones, or any other assistance programs. Cell Phones for Soldiers is another program that takes used phones and sends them to soldiers so that they can connect with loved ones and family back home. Tell me that doesn't sound like a better fate for your old phone than the bottom of your trash can.

Have your own advice for disposing or reusing old phones? Let us know in the comments below!