January 22, 2021

Service Your Customers With TextNow!

Written by kevin-c


You already know that TextNow is aphone service — without the phone bill. (After all, it's right there on our home page.) The ability to have free phone service is, admittedly super cool, so we naturally talk about it a lot.

But there's more to TextNow than just being the greatest value proposition since the invention of the telegraph. There are ways you can leverage TextNow's unparalleled flexibility to serve your customers.

You might already know you can sign into the same TextNow account on multiple devices. So, for example, you, can have the TextNow app on your phone, and have the desktop TextNow app or the online messaging/calling page on your computer, and login to your account on each, and have access to your messages and call history on all of them. In fact, you could login to your account from any computer, via the messaging page, wherever you are.

A conversation on Android

A conversation on Android

TextNow online messaging

...and that same conversation on Web!

This wizardry is accomplished because your messages and TextNow info aren't kept on your device — phone, or desktop, etc. — but rather they're stored on our servers, so when you login, your messages and info are fetched, so everything remains in sync, all the time.

But beyond that, let's think about a different use case: You get a TextNow number (for free, natch) for your business or customer service line and, your whole customer service team can be logged into the same account to respond to incoming calls, voicemails and texts, as they happen!

So whether you've got a customer service team, or if your customer service team is just you, TextNow can keep you on top of your customer's needs.