October 24, 2017

#ScariestPhoneBill: Unhappy Birthday

Written by erin

Saving Money

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Oscar the Grouch is not enjoying his birthday either

Some people look back in life and think about how the earlier days were a simpler time. Marie is not one of those people.

Ten years ago, it was Marie’s eighteenth birthday, and cell phones were still up-and-coming technology. She was so excited when her father told her he’d be getting her a brand new flip phone from one of the big carriers. Her plan included 300 minutes per month and unlimited calling after 7pm! What more could she need?

Well, Marie’s birthday gift took a turn for the worse when her friends and family got ahold of her number and quickly used up those 300 minutes. By the end of the month, not only did Marie’s father pay $480.00 for a flip phone, but they also received an unexpected bill at the end of the month for $624.00.

Since this experience, Marie has found comfort and confidence in TextNow’s simple and affordable plans. Unlimited calls, texts and data for one low price each month. No hidden fees, no overage charges, and no surprise bills.

Marie has come to realize that although life can get complicated, her phone plan doesn’t have to be — as long as she’s using TextNow that is.

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Disclaimer: Marie’s story is loosely based on real events, but all monetary values are accurately depicted as per the customer’s reports.