May 15, 2020

Save Money, Save Your Phone  Number

Written by valeria

Saving Money

The unemployment rate in the U.S reached another high this week, with 36.5 million Americans filing for unemployment in the past 8 weeks. It's a sobering number, and may force a lot of people to start thinking about what services are essential and where they can can cut back on expenses.

Saving Money

Finding ways to connect−and maintaining those connections−is an important priority while physical distancing. We've touched on this concept in previous posts, highlighting our various phone service options, with fits for any budget. But if you're ready to cut your phone bill and stay connected for free, but afraid of losing your phone number in the process, there's an easy solution for that.

Number porting

Simply put, number porting is the process of transferring a phone number from one carrier to another. We understand your phone number is important to you (otherwise, you wouldn't have memorized it!), and we want to help you keep it. So we offer free number porting. Bring your number over to your TextNow account and stay connected with unlimited calling and texting - all👏 for👏 free👏.

How? Follow these steps:

1. First, find out your Account number and PIN with your current carrier. You will need it to submit the port-in request.*Please note that your number must be active to be ported in. Do not cancel your current plan until the porting is complete

_‍_2. Sign up for our free Nationwide Talk & Text service! You'll be assigned one of our numbers at first, but that will be replaced with your own once the port is complete.

3. Go to your My Account page on

4. From your My Account page, click on Number Porting

5. To port in your number to TextNow, click Port in your number

6. Fill out the information and hit send!

And there you have it. No hidden fees, no credit checks, no hassle. Just bring your phone (or check out our affordable options!) and keep your number with you. The only thing you have to lose is the expensive bill.