November 13, 2020

Online Holiday Shopping Guide 2020

Written by kevin-c

Tips & Tricks

You don't need me to tell you the holiday shopping is going to look different this year. That's why many more people will be turning to online shopping this year, so here's a quick guide on how to maximize your online holiday shopping this year and hit those sweet deals.

Black Friday is still a thing.

Black Friday, traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, is usually and infamously the busiest shopping day of the year. Covid will most likely throw a wrench into many retailers' (and shoppers') plans this year but, fortunately many retailers pump out the Black Friday deals online as well, where you can safely shop mask-less from the comfort of your own home. In fact, quite a few retailers extend Black Friday into a week, or even month. Which means there might be deals at your fave online store right now!

Get a jump on it.

In tandem with the expansion of Black Friday and what is expected to be a 35% increase in online shopping this holiday, that means shipping delays are almost a sure thing, So if you absolutely positively have to get a gift by the holidays then get that mouse button clicking.  The earlier you order the, earlier it arrives, and the earlier you can figure out a good hiding spot to keep prying eyes from ruining the surprise. (Looking at you, nephew.)

Compare prices.

Who doesn't like to research before buying? (I will spend literally days comparing prices for a thing I want from different retailers and sites.) Mind you, if I was a smarter person, I'd let the web do it for me. Probably the best known comparison tool is good ol' Google — they have a shopping tab that gives you an overview of where you can buy that perfect gift. Hey, $59.97 for a Cuisinart? that's pretty good!

blender price comparison

Get paid to shop.

Seems like a good idea, to get a little something back for all that gift buying, right? Rakuten is a very nifty app (and website) that lets you do exactly that. It's a simple idea: Rakuten gathers together a pile of retailers that offer hot deals and cash-back on purchases and other bonuses. It's sort of like a coupon book on steroids. Best of all it doesn't cost anything to sign up for it, giving you more money to spend on a dizzying array of items.

Think locally.

Your local retailers have probably had a rough year, so if you want to show them a little love, think about checking up with them online to see if they're having any sales. You can even use our handy guide to shopping locally to help! We think of everything around here.