March 1, 2018

#MyTextNow — Your Guide To Customer Service

Here at TextNow, customer service is important to us. (After all, if it wasn’t for the customers, it wouldn’t really be much of a business.) And because our customers are important, we’re looking to new ways to help the most amount of people in the most efficient way possible.TextNow is an internet-only company — we don’t have stores or mall kiosks or anything like that — so it seems natural that we would harness the power of the internet to help our customers.And that’s where #MyTextNow comes in! We’re highlighting the many ways you have to get help with your account and talk with us. Let’s take a look!

The Self-Help Portal

[embed][/embed]Far and away the quickest way to change, manage or edit your TextNow account is through our Self-Help portal. On your Wireless Account and Settings pages, you’ll be able to:

The Support Site

TextNow has built up an extensive support site for both our free/Premium users, and our TextNow phone plan users. If you’re trying to troubleshoot a problem, or are looking for a manual, or just want some more in-depth information about our services, the Support Site is ready to help! You’ll find:

Chat With Us

TextNow also has chat agents available, in case you didn’t get what you were looking for from the Support Site or the Self-Help portal. On any of our Support site pages, you can tap or click on Chat With Us to get one of our very helpful and polite agents to assist you. (We’re Canadian — we can’t help being helpful and polite.)

Socialize With Us

Don’t feel like going all the way to for help? Come talk to us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

  • Facebook: — Our Facebook home. Get announcements about upcoming phones, features and sales; get helpful hints for your TextNow app and service; and message us on Facebook for questions or comments.

  • Twitter: TextNow has two Twitter channels — @ TextNow, our general Twitter feed, and @ TextNowHelp for the answers to all your TextNow questions.

  • Instagram: Want to know what life is like at TextNow? Follow our Instagram for a behind-the-scenes peek!

Watch Us

If you’re more into the whole brevity thing, you can also check out our ever-growing number of videos housed on our YouTube channel, with loads of how-to's and more behind-the-scenes looks at life at TextNow. You can also find our Support-specific videos on our TextNow Support site.