May 3, 2021

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Written by valeria

Tips & Tricks

It's hard to say who's more difficult to shop for: Mom or Dad. But as Mother's Day is, in fact, just around the corner, we're going to focus on her first.

There are many gift guides out there, and some are probably better suited for the mom figure in your life than others, but our mission is a little different this year. It's not only to help you find the perfect---and most unique---gift for Mom this year, but to do it while also supporting a small business. So how did we come up with this list of small businesses? We simply asked our very own TextNow customers to share their small businesses with us:

The perfect gift for the mom who is all about her hair:

Legendary Bundles and Blinks is a one-stop shop for both your "fake" hair and lash needs. Whether it be for a wig, extensions, or a variety of lash styles, they provide it all. CEO Stephenie Romero is passionate about making women feel confident, glamorous, and all with high quality products.

Shipping available.

The perfect gift for the mom who is all about candles:

Naturally sourced, naturally packaged, and handmade---what more could you ask for? FlickeringSoulCandle, which you can find on Etsy, offers natural soy candles, poured into thrifted containers. But that's not makes them so special. What makes them special is their unique presentation---made to look like cups of tea with various leaves floating on top. And if the reviews are any indication, they don't just look good, they smell good too!

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The perfect gift for the mom who is all about accessorizing:

While Mom may always have the best snacks, the best advice, or just the best comebacks, treat her to some of the best accessories that only she will have.

First, we have Bella Kouture, an online women's boutique with a wide range of products, including handbags, satchels, and even a blinged out fanny pack.

Then, we have Sundeeshades, a company run by CEO Dionna Brown that is all about keeping up with the latest trends, and offering them at a more affordable price. Specializing in sunglasses, they also offer a range of handbags and compacts.

Shipping is available.

The perfect gift for the mom who deserves some self care

Doesn't every mom deserve some self care? We certainly think so. So why not get her the very best? Kamari's Blessings has 100% all natural, vegan friendly, and handmade products. From shea butter, soap, lavender shower steamer, bath bombs, toothpaste, even deodorant! Put together a little (or big) package and remind your mom it's ok to take some time to take care of herself too.