July 28, 2022

Meet the TextNow 2022 interns: Jozelle Norman

Written by jozelle


‍_Editor's note: Every year we like to take time to introduce you to some of the incredible people who join TextNow as interns. We love to catch up and share how their time at TextNow is going with everyone. Stay tuned to meet more co-ops in the coming weeks!_

Meet Jozelle Norman!

Hi, I'm Jozelle Norman, a Learning and Development EDI intern here at TextNow for the summer 2022 term. I’m currently enrolled at the University of Colorado Denver to receive my master's degree.

This is the first-time TextNow has opened their internship/co-op term to US based students, so I consider myself lucky to be one of the first US interns.

During my interview process, TextNow highlighted and shared their values. Putting “People First” definitely stood out to me; a company that values people over profit? Does it really exist?

I'm pleased to report it's true! I have never been part of an organization where I was immediately welcomed and felt so quickly part of the team.

During my first week of onboarding, I was greeted by so many Textnovians welcoming me aboard. One of my highlights was connecting in person at our New York City office with others who live in the NYC area.

It has been almost two months since I started my role, and I am still having as much fun as I did on my first day. Since my role has two cross-functionalities, I have been able to work both in Learning and Development (L&D) and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). I have been able to get so much hands-on experience in my field while truly having fun!

Currently I’m working on some exciting projects – I’ve been able to put my instructional design skills to use and work on SMART goal setting. This has been exciting because I am able to work not only on my team but with others across the organization.

While this project is still in progress, I am excited to see the tools and resources we are creating pushed out to the entire organization. What has been the most amazing feeling is while working on this project I never felt like just ‘the intern’– I was always part of the conversations, and my input was and is valued.

One of the reasons why I was drawn to TextNow in the very beginning was because of their transparency when it came to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Tools such as the diversity dashboard on the website truly paint the picture of where we are and where we are headed. As part of my internship, I have been able to lean into more EDI related topics.

Here at TextNow we do something called mEDIa conversations where we invite a speaker to come speak to the organization about a given EDI related topic. Over the past few weeks, I was the sole person to ensure the July event happened, and while I was intimidated by this assignment, I always felt supported by my leader. Also, I am happy to report that the event took place, and it was very successful!

In the next half of my term, I am excited to learn, grow, and share more ideas. I am so happy TextNow makes this possible!

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