January 24, 2022

Meet Our Hiring Managers: Kazam Ali

Written by austin


Here at TextNow, we believe in people over product, and product over profit. So we thought we'd introduce you to some of the people behind our product.

Over the next few months we'll be sitting down with some of our hiring managers. These are the folks that manage teams and help grow our company by hiring the right people for the right job. We've asked them a few questions to understand their role, life at TextNow, and the exciting things happening on their teams. To kick things off...

Meet Kazam Ali

Hi, Kazam! What’s your role at TextNow? What does your team do?

Senior Director, Infrastructure Engineering. We curate the foundational services at TextNow: Backend, Platform, Site Reliability engineering, Trust and Safety, and Quality.

How long have you been at TextNow?

Five months.

What roles are you looking to fill on your team?

All areas in Development, SRE, and Quality.

What are you most excited about for 2022 within TextNow?

Massive customer and company (and staff) growth.

What is something you enjoy outside of work?

Playing concerts. (Editor's note: check out Kazam in our 'TextNow in One Word' video, below.)

How do you collaborate with your team on a weekly basis?

1:1 sessions (via Zoom), Slack chats, and virtual “Happy Hours."

What’s your favorite thing about the TextNow culture?

Everyone is so damn nice and cool, and fully invested in the company vision of helping the world.

What’s your favorite thing about the TextNow app and service?

Low/zero cost. Barrier to entry is low (even when porting over my primary number).

Have you done any fun team events in the past or coming up? If so, can you share?

Virtual game/activity event (hosted by a 3rd party). The coordinators broke us up into sub teams to solve puzzles and compete with other participating teams. Super fun.

If someone wanted to work on your team, what is one thing you are looking for?

Drive, brilliance, partnership, and an “assault the status quo” kind of attitude.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Being part of a company, like TextNow, that truly believes in a philanthropic mission is something that everyone in this world should experience. It truly does open your eyes and will undoubtedly make one a better person.

As Kazam mentioned, TextNow is growing in 2022. We're looking to fill roles on all of our teams. Head over to our Careers page for the latest job openings, and join us!