September 24, 2019

Keep calm and move on

Written by madison

Tips & Tricks

As a young adult, I have done my fair share of moving and helping others do so. Let me tell you, it’s never the most fun activity, but you know what they say… practice makes perfect. And if you’ve moved enough times like myself, you pick up some tips and tricks along the way to make things move (😉) a little smoother and so I decided to share them here.

New home

Don’t forget your most valuable possession

Fun Fact: In the U.S alone, more than 40 million people move each year on average. Of this, an estimated 80% of those moves happen between April — September, considered to be the peak season. And like all other peak seasons, demand (for moving companies) becomes higher and so do prices = basic economics. These months might be the nicest weather-wise, but not the nicest on the wallet. Which is why I’ve put together this list of helpful tips to move— and stay on budget.

Save Some Money

If you are looking into using a moving company or vehicle rental, you’re more likely to save money if you choose to move outside of ‘peak’ season, which falls between mid September — April. But if you’re like me, and you have helped all your friends and family move, then you can skip the movers, and cash in on a few favours.

Don’t be afraid to penny-pinch with moving boxes and packing materials, these things add up quickly. Borrow from friends and family, and ask co-workers to bring you any they may have/ be willing to give.

Purge, Purge, Purge!

Marie Kondo the crap out of your current place — you don’t want to pack things you’re just going to throw away in your next home. This being said, be reasonable. Sometimes having to get rid of things you have can be overwhelming, so if it feels right, and “brings you joy” — keep it.

New home

Stay Organized

Staying organized is very important so you don’t get weighed-down by the whole process. Easier said than done, but staying on top of dates and goals you have set will make a world of a difference. Do not — and I repeat —  DO NOT procrastinate. Been there, done that. It doesn’t bode well for anyone.

Since moving can be a stressful experience, this is where I’m going to share some organization tips I swear by:

  • Make lists — they will help keep your packing goals on track. Lists can also be a game changer for moving day, so everyone involved can be prepared and know exactly how the move will go. I recommend trying an app for this, that you can even share with others.

  • Label everything — labels help movers know what’s in each box, how to pack them, and where they should end up in the final destination. Heck, even colour code things to step up the organization game.

  • Take pictures of electronics — this is important for TV, DVRs, sound systems, etc. Just in case you end up with an extra wire and you have no idea where it should go.

  • Tape corresponding cords — after taking the picture, tape the cords to the back of the electronic so they don’t get lost in a different box. If you’re not interested in tape, use elastic bands, just make sure they all end up in the same box!

Once you’ve actually moved, there is one more thing that you need to worry about- making the move official with the right area code. Moving is stressful enough, but making sure that you’re connected doesn’t have to be. TextNow makes changing your number easy.

And there you have it! I don’t know what constitutes a moving ‘expert’ but I’d say I’m pretty darn close. If you have any moving tips of your own, leave a comment below, we’d love to hear them!

Note: not all moves are the same. Unexpected things happen, but follow these tips to make your personal experience a little better.

Hopefully your move goes smoother than this