February 22, 2022

Intern to full time: Alyssa's story

Written by alyssa


Editor's note: Continuing our series on our former interns and co-op students who levelled up and got a full time job with us, we hear from our newest member of the Marketing & Communications team!

From Co-op to full-time

First, let me introduce myself: my name is Alyssa and I’m a Marketing Communications Coordinator at TextNow. I’m newly graduated, or that’s what I like to think, and this is my first full-time job after graduating. I got the opportunity to intern here from late July to September which then turned into a full-time position.

How it began

I remember meeting the Communications Marketing team for the first time, and while it was nerve-racking, I was welcomed to the team with open arms. Not just the team, but people outside of my team as well!  I got my onboarding done and was off into meetings, given tasks, and overall learned about the company and everyone's roles, so that I could look to see what interested me and my future. While this can definitely be overwhelming at times, I always knew I had my team and my manager, Erin, if I had any questions or concerns. Within a couple weeks, I knew that I would like to stay with this team full time, but I’ve never really been in a situation like this, so I wasn’t sure what the process may be to achieve this goal. In one of our 1: 1 meetings with Erin, I mentioned that I would love to have the opportunity to work here full-time. I knew my decision was the right one because of how much I was learning and the culture that TextNow has. I don’t have much experience with other company cultures, but what I hear from others is that we are one of the best 😉.

Getting offered the job

After a month or so after letting Erin know my hopes of staying on, I was offered the job! But before I transitioned from intern to full-time, I was given a project for my intern experience. I was set to present the things I accomplished and learned to the greater marketing team. I’m not the best at presenting but felt confident enough as I have learned a great amount already. This felt like a mini graduation, moving from intern to full-time.  I was proud of myself and honored that I was able to work at this company.


By the start of my full-time position, I had gotten the hang of things, always learning, but ever so slowly feeling like “I got this.” Soon after joining full-time, I was given more responsibilities. I was in charge of coming up with content for one channel and that soon grew to other channels with the help and support of everyone else, of course. As well as other responsibilities that I have taken on and will continue to take on. Not to mention I got the opportunity to go to Waterloo and meet the team in person! My transition from intern to full-time was easy and felt like everything fell into place. While this started out as a dip into this tech and marketing world, I have been able to go into the full-time life and be a part of this wonderful team and company.

If this all sounds like a place you'd like to work for, then click this link and join Alyssa and the rest of the gang!