March 17, 2023

Inspiring Women+ Leadership: Annie

Written by madison

The month of March is Gender Equality Month and Women’s History Month, so, there’s no better time to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of the women in our lives. In this Q&A series, we're shining a light on some of the inspiring Women+ leadership figures working at TextNow. Be sure to catch the full series on our blog to read about the lessons they’ve learned throughout their journey to where they are today.

Annie Wallace (She/Her) Senior Director of Finance

As Sr. Director of Finance, Annie leads the financial planning and analytics team. The FP&A team ensures that the company continues to move forward in a responsible and economically feasible direction.

What is the most powerful lesson you’ve learned (professionally or personally)?

One of the most powerful lessons I've learned, and continue to try to practice, is the power of saying "No".  That may come in the form of workload prioritization, managing commitments at home or asking for help when required. Highlighting when things are too much does not make you weaker, it ensures expectations will continue to be met while maintaining balance and avoiding burnout.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be confident in yourself and your skillset - it will get you exactly where you need to be. Your opinion matters so take a seat at the table!

Who has inspired you and how/why?

My biggest inspiration has been, and likely always will be, my mother. While I am inspired by her past professional achievements, her outlook on life is the most inspirational. Focus on the important things, don't sweat the small stuff; never stop learning and growing; you can only control yourself, not others; be kind.

What is your motivational mantra?

Just Do It. There's a reason this phrase is still kicking around from Nike's original "Just do it" campaign back in the late '80s. It's applicable in so many situations, both at work and at home.

What do you do to make yourself feel strong and empowered?

Dancing in the kitchen! There are lyrics to address all celebrations/concerns/stresses, you just have to find the right song. And the kitchen is my safe space - to be creative, to make mistakes and be surrounded by my loved ones.


Confidence is key, we can all agree! And if there is one table I’d love to be seated at, it’s the one in Annie’s kitchen when she’s having a dance party and my song request would have to be “Run the World (Girls)”

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