March 13, 2023

Inspiring Women+ Leadership: Alicia

Written by madison

The month of March is Gender Equality Month and Women’s History Month, so, there’s no better time to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of the women in our lives. In this Q&A series, we're shining a light on some of the inspiring Women+ leadership figures working at TextNow. Be sure to catch the full series on our blog to read about the lessons they’ve learned throughout their journey to where they are today.

Alicia Kawamura (She/Her) Product Design Manager

As a Product Design Manager at TextNow, Alicia makes a positive impact on business and user needs by improving the purpose, people and process of the Product Design Team.

What is the most powerful lesson you’ve learned (professionally or personally)?

The three most powerful lessons I’ve learned that apply both personally and professionally are:

  1. Take a pause and respond instead of reacting to situations;

  2. Every experience is a learning experience, even the negative ones; and

  3. You don’t know someone’s intent unless they tell you.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to have a healthy balance between work and life. You can have the best goals or 5-year plan, but life will take you down unexpected paths and that’s okay if it doesn’t align with your original goals. You will end up where you are meant to be, so enjoy the journey!

Who has inspired you and how/why?

There are two incredible women who have inspired me: my mom and my friend/mentor Kaylin. My mom was a tough cookie. She had lupus and struggled with a lot of health problems but didn’t let it stop her from living life to its fullest. My friend and mentor Kaylin is full of knowledge that she has used to show and teach me how to be a great manager and leader.

What is your motivational mantra?

Tough times don’t last and as Walt Disney said, “Keep moving forward.”

What do you do to make yourself feel strong and empowered?

I’ve learned that you can’t control/change everything so I identify what I can and can’t. Then, I focus on what I can control and put all my best efforts into those areas hoping that it’ll have a ripple effect to create the change I’m after.


In life there are so many things we have no control over. A big thank you to Alicia for sharing her experiences with us and reminding us to keep moving forward and put your best efforts into things you have control over.

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