December 16, 2020

How to Make Your Side Hustle Successful: Tips from the experts

Written by madison

Tips & Tricks

So you have a passion you're interested in making a side business out of, but you're unsure about it. Well, you're not the only one. We know starting a side business is hard work which is why we've asked the professionals for advice to anyone interested in taking that next step and becoming a boss! Check out what these four had to say:

Alicia Waid

Alicia Waid is an entrepreneur who operates her own digital social media agency called Nvizion Media that provides consulting and coaching services that help other creatives launch & operate a successful online business by promoting their products or services on social media.

"The truth is that no time is ever the 'perfect' time, and if you really want to pursue your own business, the key is to just start. You can decide just an hour a day to working on it at first, but you'll be so thankful you started sooner rather than later."

Jessica Lynn:

As a singer-songwriter performing her own country songs, or even penning ones for other artists, Jessica Lynn knows how important it is to be available for calls or texts, and to stay in touch with loved ones in between shows and television specials. She also recognizes the value of pursuing your true passion, and making it work no matter what.

"As difficult as it may seem, you always have to keep going and never give up."


Micki started a Wellness Coaching company called MickiPhit, where she combines her knowledge of fitness and nutrition. As Wellness Coach, she encourages personal responsibility, self discovery and self efficacy. She helps her clients set personal wellness and fitness goals and provides support and guidance to help achieve those goals.

"Make a plan, but be flexible and know when to pivot. Because pivots don't necessarily require a radical change of course in every case, it's important to identify what parts of your business can be kept and reused once you've decided on the new direction you're taking your business."

Beatrice Balaj

Beatrice Balaj is a fashion stylist and blogger and covers everything from her personal fashion style, her celebrity styling work, fashion trends, beauty secrets, product reviews, and the best travel experiences. Beatrice’s journey in the fashion industry began nearly a decade ago when she pursued her dream of attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise. After graduating from FIDM, Beatrice began assisting for Hollywood’s elite celebrity fashion stylists, as well as working for one of the top advertising firms in the US.

"Don't give up. The road is long but worth it. Network with people in the industry and stay connected. You never know who will hire you one day or give you the opportunity to become a stylist one day."

We hope their advice will help you take the next step in following your own dreams and making them reality. And if you need a little help along the way, TextNow's free second phone number with its own custom voicemail and even text signatures can make all the difference in elevating your "hobby" into your very own "business." So what are you waiting for?