December 2, 2020

How to customize your TextNow number for your side gig: Voicemail greeting and text signature

Written by valeria


The pandemic may have closed many doors, but it's also opened some others. According to a new study from Upwork, two million more Americans started freelancing in the past 12 months. It's no secret that picking up a side gig can help shorten the economic gap that many of you may be feeling now due to loss of work or reduced hours. If you are one of those two million (or would like to be), and picked TextNow to legitimize your new biz with its own dedicated phone number---we've got some tricks up our sleeves just for you.

Record your own custom voicemail greeting

You may not have a fancy store front or a fully functional website, but that doesn't mean that your little business isn't real. Make it sound as big as you believe it can be with your very own voicemail greeting---for free.

Simply open up the menu in your TextNow app (either on your mobile Android or iOS phone) and tap on Settings. From there, you can find Calling->Voicemail->Custom Greeting. You'll then be given a prompt to record your new voicemail greeting (maximum of 30 seconds). If you don't like it, try and try and try again, until it is absolutely perfect.

Set Custom Voicemail Greeting

Record your own custom voicemail greeting

Set up your own custom text signature

Do you like to set up orders, confirm dates, and keep all of your business contacts with your TextNow number? Separating your personal life from your "work" life is important, but so is branding! When you text a client, make sure they know who's messaging them by setting up your own custom text signature, like you would on your email. Every time you send a message with your number, a "[your business name here]" line will be added to the end of every message, like so:

custom text signature

Custom text signature

You can set it up either through your mobile app: Settings->Messaging->Signature or through your online TextNow account on your computer (Settings-> Messaging).

Both of these features are quick and easy changes that can make all the difference in legitimizing your new side gig. And if anything should change, so can your voicemail and text signature with just a few clicks.