June 25, 2021

Hear what's being said about TextNow's video calling

Written by erin


In case you missed it, TextNow introduced video calling to all of our iOS and Android customers last week. With the ability to initiate a video call with anyone who has a valid 10-digit US or Canadian mobile number---regardless of their phone's operating system---we're making video calling with TextNow a truly hassle-free solution!

In order to spread the word about this new solution, we worked with some great partners to test out the feature and get their feedback to share with you. Take a look at the videos below for their takes on TextNow's video calling solution.

@jjyosh on Instagram shares how the flexibility of using TextNow for video calls works with his busy lifestyle.


@natalienegrotti on Instagram has an iPhone, but her dad has an Android. With TextNow she was still able to video call him to wish him a personal happy birthday this year.


@ericgoldie on Instagram demonstrates why video calling with TextNow makes it easy for him to connect with his parents without requiring them to download another service on their phone.


@xyloke on TikTok offers a great overview of the benefits of TextNow's out-of-network video calling functionality and shows how easy it is to use.


@biddl3music on TikTok is a music producer and lyricist who always has new music in the works. With TextNow, he's able to see real-time reactions to his new music while video calling friends even if they don't have an iPhone.


@astrologybymari on TikTok offers personal astrology readings, and with the new TextNow video calling feature he's able to do virtual readings via video call without requiring that his clients also have the TextNow app.


What are you waiting for? You can learn more about TextNow's video calling feature here or try it out on Android or iOS today and see how it can work for you!