March 8, 2023

Happy International Women’s Day

Written by erin

It's International Women's Day, so your feed must be swamped with encouraging messages. At TextNow, we believe that celebrating women and non-binary people is an ongoing commitment, and that's why our employees formed the Women+ employee resource group (ERG).

About TextNow’s Women+ ERG

This ERG was formed nearly 3 years ago with the purpose of providing a space for women, non-binary folx, and allies to meet, build connections and share resources. Throughout the life of the Women+ ERG we have welcomed many new members, hosted various educational and social events and built a strong community that includes both identifying members and allies.

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day happens annually on March 8, and it is a day to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about discrimination and take action to drive gender parity ( At TextNow, we aim to do these things all year round, but March 8th is a great time to remind everyone why these things are important and deserve our time and attention.

But wait, there’s more!

The month of March is more than just International Women’s Day – it is also Gender Equality Month and Women’s History Month. As you can imagine, our Women+ ERG is keeping busy throughout the whole month! To celebrate and recognize these months this year, our ERG will be providing a workshop on negotiation skills and advocating for yourself in the workforce, holding a social hour where an ERG-themed music trivia will be hosted, and throughout the month all Textnovians will be encouraged to share their appreciation for the women they work with kind messages and kudos.

We’ll also be launching a spotlight blog series celebrating female leadership at TextNow, so don’t forget to continue to check out our blog throughout the month to hear those stories.