September 27, 2021

Happy Anniversary! The TextNow Anniversary Program

Written by dunja


Here’s a fun question: What makes a company? Is it an office space? Revenue? People? How about company culture and what we value?

How many times have you heard people talking about company culture and how important it is? Did you ever wonder what a company culture actually is?

A company culture is the sum of our beliefs and behaviors.  There we go. Sounds easy right? But is it?

We believe that great culture happens when employees feel appreciated, whether that means our Work Best policy that allows for a work/life balance, or our commitment to professional development and continual learning for our employees, or our many equity, inclusion and diversity initiatives.

When we look at all of these programs, they're all very cool and exciting, true. But we wanted to take our programs and recognize people to a whole new level.

We put a lot of thought into what kind of recognition we wanted to go with for each year employee spend at TextNow. So, we created the TextNow Anniversary Program:

You read that chart correctly! You might have thought we were joking above with the claim of helping pay your mortgage. But it’s no joke: If you hit your 20-year anniversary with TextNow, we’ll help pay your mortgage, or your kid’s university bill, or any other bills you might have!

And before you hit your 20th year, we’ll send you and your family (or friends) to some great vacations, plus 1 month paid sabbatical on top. Pretty awesome, right?

Our plan to create a great company culture is actually pretty simple: Create an engaging work culture from the office, from home, and anywhere in between. How we accomplish this is a little more intricate, but that’s the work that will never stop, and Our Anniversary Program  is just one step in achieving our goal.

‍**- Dunja Vujovic**, Director, People and Culture.