October 29, 2021

Halloween Safety Apps

Written by alyssa

Tips & Tricks

With Halloween just around the corner and trick or treating as the main event, it's important to prepare for all to come. From costumes, decorations, candy, and most importantly--- safety! In the spirit of this spooktacular day we've created a list of safety tips for you and your little ones, so you can take on the town in your spookiest (or funniest) costumes with only candy and fun on the mind.

1. Who, What, Where?

While walking around and going to different houses to trick or treat is a blast, it's also important to check out what's going on in your neighborhood. A way to do that is by using the NextDoor app. This app is a sort of online neighborhood watch, where you can receive live updates and be in the know about your surroundings, and even post your own observations or things to look out for. And who knows, maybe there's a tip on a house that is giving out king sized candy bars!

2. Stay up to date

The great thing about phones is that you can stay connected no matter where you are! One way to do that is by creating a group messaging chain with everyone who is participating in the trick or treating activities! Whether it's parents and their kids or the older kids on their own, it's good to have a central messaging platform to keep everyone updated. Luckily, TextNow has this feature! So you can keep each other updated on how the group is doing, what parents at the house are up to, or if there's a change in plans.

3. Game Plan

This is mostly for the older kids, but can apply to any trick or treaters. There should be clear communication between parents and children: set up a game plan of the houses and streets that you are allowed to walk on and have a time limit or a way to check in on the kids! It would be a good idea to give kids a phone or if they already have a phone have them set an alarm of when they need to check in. Another way to allow your kids to have freedom, but also be safe, is to use a tracking app, so that you can know where they are and they can know where you are as well.

For iPhone users there is find my friends, where all you have to do is share your location with each other. For both android and iOS users there are apps like Life360 and iSharing, with the same concept that allow you to make sure your family members are safe and sound.

What other safety tips and trick do you have for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below.