July 27, 2020

Go Lightning Talks at TextNow

Written by developer-textnow


Go Lightning Talks at TextNow

Being a TextNow developer means more than just submitting code and building a product. With great power comes — well, you know. One of those responsibilities is sharing the knowledge gained throughout our experiences, and learning just as much as we’re sharing.

The great advantage of working in Kitchener-Waterloo is its robust community, and the opportunities to speak with, and learn from other professionals in the area. One of the advantage of working at TextNow is its innovative and spacious office, which allows us to host insightful (and fun) events, such as the recent Go Lightning Talks meetup for the KW Golang Meetup group.

Before we delve deeper into the talks themselves, I wanted to thank everyone who came out, it was a great turnout and an even greater learning experience. For those of you who were unable to make it out — no need to worry! We have video footage of the informative talks AND the presentation slides for your enjoyment.

Go lightning talk

Our developers gave a number of talks which you can view.

The advantages and disadvantages of a mono-repo

Presenter: Ian Davidson

When should you use a mono-repo vs. a repository per projects? Explore the pros and cons.

Building gRPC services with Go and the Bazel build system

Presenter: Robert Robinson

Are you building gRPC services with heterogenous client and server languages? We explore the successes and failures as we implemented this at TextNow.


Inner workings of Go channels.

Presenter: Asad Awadia

Have you ever wondered how Go channels actually work? Dive into the Go source code to examine the structures to explain why and how they work as they do.

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