July 27, 2020

Giphy: The ultimate guide

Written by kevin-c


I’m not exactly sure when this happened, but the internet these days seems to be made primarily of memes, gifs, and cute animal pictures. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. If you think I can’t blow off my day looking at cute kitties and puppers, you’re sadly mistaken.

But now, instead of just looking at gifs of delightfully tiny animals by myself, I can share them over TextNow — and my contact doesn't have to be on TextNow to see ’em. Share the joy, I always say.

So let’s take a look at how it works! We’re going to use our website messaging feature to illustrate how to gif it up:

1. Open a conversation in TextNow, or start a new one.

2**.** See those icons on the right hand-side of the message field above? You’re probably used to seeing a little camera icon there for sharing pictures over text. Click on the icon that says “Gif” in teensy letters.

3. Now comes the fun part. When you click on the gif icon, you’ll get this screen, as shown on the right. So, let’s say I wanted to send a gif that says “Check it out!” I type the phrase into the search bar, just like you see below. If I want a gif, I choose the gif tab, if I want a sticker, or illustrated text, I’d choose those respective tabs.

4. Choose the gif you want to send — I’m going with the orange one with the guy that looks like he’s Aaron Paul’s stunt double. Just click on the one you want.

5. Once you’ve picked a gif (or sticker or illustrated text), this window will pop up. Click the arrow that says send to send it. (Makes sense, really.)

And the end result is: Gif sent!

6. Gif accomplished.

Try messing around with the search bar to look for many odd and hilarious images and gifs to send to your friends the world over.