September 1, 2021

Gearing up for fall: Small business edition

Written by kevin-c


We love fall here at TextNow. I mean really really love it. Our little corner of Canada where the TextNow headquarters resides explodes with yellow and orange hues of autumn, turning the hot hazy days of summer into a Technicolor marvel. It's honestly pretty great, folks.

So, as the clear and obvious authority on all things fall, here's a couple of pumpkin-spiced tips and tricks to help your small business get ready for sweater weather.

Get ready for Christmas.

Yeah I know it's not even October yet, but if your business is seasonal and relies on those Christmas sales, no time is too soon. Start lining up suppliers, and start working on any holiday sales and, critically, tell your customers about what's coming up. Get the jump on your competition!

Book some trade shows.

Or conferences or exhibitions, or whatever is applicable for your industry.  The fall (Q4 in particular) is trade show season, and whatever industry your business is in, I bet there's a trade show. Trade shows are an unbelievable opportunity to meet new customers, scope out your competition, and connect with suppliers and distributors. On the lead up to Christmas, you can't afford to miss it.

Don't forget the other holidays.

Sure Christmas is the big one, but depending on your business you can also look to Halloween and Thanksgiving for some fun themed sales or marketing materials. Halloween in particular is your carte blanche to go bonkers with displays and marketing ideas. There's no such thing as too much when it comes to the coolest of all the holidays.

Football? Football.

For huge chunks of the country fall means one thing: the NFL. So why not piggyback on that excitement and tie football into your marketing? Especially if you're in a football-crazed area. Maybe look into sponsoring local leagues or ways to support your local high school and college teams. It might help you find an audience you didn't know was there.


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