March 9, 2022

Free to speak freely

Written by valeria


If you've ever landed on our website, downloaded our app, or even just checked out any of our social channels, you've probably heard this saying: Phone service for everyone. And that can mean different things to different people.

To some, it means that regardless of what kind of phone they have, they can easily get phone service with a phone number that can reach—and be reached—by anyone on their contacts list. For others, it means that no matter their budget — even if it's literally $0 — they can still keep up with the world around them with free, unlimited calls and texts on their TextNow app. And for some, it means making that call, sending that message…to get something off their chest. Something they might have been wanting to say out loud for a while, but that they haven’t found the inner strength or the right moment to do so. And you know what? Thanks to TextNow, you can speak freely, for free. Telling the world how you feel shouldn't cost a thing, nor should it keep anyone from expressing themselves.

Little Moments of Freedom

Free to speak freely, for free

Imagine being able to finally tell your primo that las Chivas suck, or telling your mom that you don’t want to have kids. Imagine being able to tell your dad that you are moving in with your boyfriend, telling your suegra that you really don’t like her tamales, or letting grandma know that you got a new tattoo. Imagine having a little moment of freedom, where you can call or text that person to express yourself, liberate yourself, and take that weight off your shoulders… for free. Doesn’t it sound...well...freeing?

So....we want to inspire you to have your own little moment of freedom

Some people are already doing it (check some inspirational examples below). Wanna join? Great. We have a challenge for you. Think about that one thing you would like to take off your chest, think about your own little moment of freedom, and download the TextNow app. Once you have it, call that special person and tell them hola, la verdad, how you really feel. Join this movement of little moments of freedom. Let your voice be heard… for free! Use the #speakfreely hashtag to share your story with the world, and check what others are doing as they liberate themselves thanks to TextNow’s free phone service.

We're excited to see what you put out there!