June 15, 2021

Free Phone Service with our Upgraded GSM Network

Written by nick

Saving Money

DISCLAIMER: The prices you see on this or any other blog article are subject to change. Please check the TextNow app for the most recent pricing.

When we launched Free Nationwide Talk & Text, TextNow became the only company in the US to offer free unlimited phone service on a nationwide cellular network.

Today, our free service is getting even better. We’re moving to an upgraded nationwide network with faster speeds, better coverage, and compatibility with more devices. And there’s still no bill.

Free phone service on a GSM network

Our new network uses GSM SIM cards – the global standard. That means our new network is compatible with 75% of devices in the US. That’s three times more than our old network! There’s a good chance that an unlocked device you have at home will work with our new SIM cards.

You can check if your current device is compatible with our new network on our site. If you need an affordable smartphone, you can purchase one through our online store that comes pre-loaded with our Free Nationwide Talk & Text service.

More good news: the price of our SIM card is dropping to $4.99 – that’s half the price of our previous SIMs! With a one-time purchase, you’re ready to ditch your expensive carrier and start calling and texting for free! You can order a SIM activation kit on our website. We also offer affordable add-ons like data and an ad free experience.

At TextNow, it’s our mission to bring communication to everyone. We're always looking for new and exciting ways to make our free phone service even better. Moving to a GSM network that’s compatible with most devices is a big step in freeing the flow of conversation and making sure that everyone can stay connected.