February 27, 2023

Free Phone Service... What's The Catch?

Written by kevin-c

Tips & Tricks

Being the first at something – like TextNow is with our free ad-supported calling and texting – can be tricky sometimes. But change is how everything grows.

Conventional wisdom says cell phone service costs money. It’s so ingrained in our heads that when something like TextNow comes along many times people’s first reaction is: “What’s the catch?”

That was Cara’s reaction too when she commented this on one of our Instagram posts:

Like many of our customers who tried our SIM for the first time, Cara was hesitant. "Free" offers from other companies had her convinced that this was too good to be true.

But nope! Once the SIM is activated in your phone, you can call and text to any other number in the U.S. and Canada completely free. No bills, ever. No hidden costs. No “special introductory price.” It’s just free. Period.

Beyond TextNow being free, the number one misconception we have is: “TextNow ONLY works over Wi-Fi.” Which is also not the case.

If you have the TextNow app on your phone, it’ll work through Wi-Fi for calling and texting, just like it always has. But if you activate your unlocked smartphone with a TextNow SIM, then surprise! No more Wi-Fi needed! Just ask Kenneth, here.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us, and Sheri below, to embrace the change from traditional phone service and give free a chance.