September 3, 2021

Free phone service: We work hard to charge you less

Written by valeria

Saving Money

While Labor Day Weekend has become synonymous with retail sales, outdoor gatherings, BBQs, and a general last chance to get out on the water before the cold fall air seeps in, Labor Day itself started as a celebration of a different kind. Originally appointed to honor and recognize the American labor movement and the works and contributions of laborers to the development and achievements of the United States (and subsequently Canada as well), it's a day where labor---not relaxation---is celebrated. So naturally, we'd like to celebrate it by talking about all the work that we do so that all the money from the work that you do stays in your pocket, and not in ours.

Free phone service

There are misconceptions ---rightfully so----that nothing is ever truly free. But when it came to creating TextNow and determining what it stood for, we knew that we wanted to prove that wrong. So we found a way where your phone service, which includes a phone number, access to a nationwide network, unlimited calling, texting, video calling, picture and video messaging, and even voicemail were free, and would remain free. Our CEO, Derek Ting, talks about the process and iterations here, but the secret is actually very simple: Ads. By introducing non-intrusive ads to our app, we're able to sustain the business and feed its development, while also allowing real people like Beka, Jeffrey, and Rex to stay connected, without worrying about the bill.

free phone service

free phone service

free phone service

Download our free app and see for yourself whether you'd rather work hard to keep your money, or just let us do the work instead.