October 29, 2021

Free Horror Games For Your Phone

Written by kevin-c

Tips & Tricks

I love horror. And I love games. What I don't love is how expensive games can be. Assuming you can even find a Xbox or PS5 this year, the new Resident Evil game will run you about seventy bucks, never mind the couple hundred smackers the console itself will set you back.That's a lot of money that I could better spend on candy and elaborate costumes. So, to get a quick horror fix, try one of these free games you can play right on your phone instead.

Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales (Android, iOS)

Not surprisingly, the 80s horror nostalgia-fest Stranger Things has spawned a number of games, including this nifty match-3 RPG puzzler (think Puzzle Quest,) packed with characters and locations from the popular Netflix show.

Cube Escape: Seasons (Android, iOS)

Cube Escape, as its name suggests, is an escape-room style game that takes place in a series of cube-shaped rooms. This unassuming sounding game is actually a stealth introduction to a huge series of interconnected games under the Cube Escape and Rusty Lake names. The Cube Escape  games start slowly adding surreal and stranger elements, before switching genres to the adventure-game styled, heavily Twin Peaks inspired Rusty Lake series. So if you like Cube Escape: Seasons, there's a plenty more to dive into.

Sinister Edge (Android, iOS)

If you love the puzzle parts of the Resident Evil series, but don't dig the shooty bits, Sinister Edge is the game for you. Winner of a pile of awards when it was released in 2017, Sinister Edge drops you into a spooky mansion you explore in first-person, using some pretty cool motion controls, nervously walking around waiting for the next jump scare to freak you out.

Into the Dead 2 (Android, iOS)

A sequel to the hugely popular Into The Dead, this first-person zombie shooter boasts some excellent visuals (greatly improved from the first title) and sidesteps the usual control problems that plague first-person-shooters on mobile platforms by having your character auto-run forward, while  you sidestep to pick up ammo and power-ups  and (of course) shoot the holy heck outta the zombie hordes.

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