February 9, 2021

Four Ideas For A Virtual Palentine's Day

Written by kevin-c

Tips & Tricks

So, you don't have a smooch buddy for Valentine's day. Well who needs 'em? Here's some fun ideas to buck that February monogamist propaganda day and hang with your cool friends (safely, of course) instead.

Valentine's Day is overwhelming no matter which side you're on. If you're in a relationship, there's all this societal pressure to help boost the chocolate/stuffed bear/greeting card markets after the holidays by making conspicuous and unnecessary purchases for your loved one. If you're not, then the whole day is just an irritating reminder of your singlehood. Plus, come on, it's 2021 and there's still a pandemic out there, so how much dating are you really doing anyway? I'm guessing somewhere between zip and zilch.

This year, I say, forget that noise. Start a new tradition of gathering your single friends (plus any hooked up friends that aren't in a codependent relationship) for a good solid Palentine's day. Because it's for you and your pals! Get it? It's a very clever name.

Zoom & Dish!

Ok, look, what's more fun than gossip? Covid has really put a damper on some of the more entertaining aspects of social interaction --- like hearing all the hot goss. You and your palentines probably have at least a couple months' worth of hot gossip stored up, so crack open a bottle (or a box) of wine and get dishing!

Spotify Dance Party!

Spotify has a nifty new Group Sessions feature that lets you load up a playlist that you and your pals can groove along to. Load it up with your fave pal-power songs --- bonus points if you kick it off with that super-long mix of Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" where it segues into a cover of The Supremes' "Where Did Our Love Go?"

Anti-Valentine's Day Movie Party!

Now that Netflix has streamlined the group-watching experience into Netflix Party, seems like a perfect excuse to get the gang together and watch some anti-romantic movies. Fatal Attraction perhaps? Or if you've got some artier pals, The Lobster? Or if it's more of a GALentine's party, maybe a little First Wives Club rewatch? Netflix will supply the movie, but you'll have to find your own cigars.

first wives club

Bridgerton Tea Party!

If you wanna get all fancy --- and assuming you live in a place that isn't covered in snow at the moment --- then dig up your finest lace doilies and empire waist dresses and set up your laptop in a gazebo, launch Zoom and argue whether or not Daphne should have banged it out with that dashing Prince Friedrich.

Bridgerton Tea Party