April 12, 2021

Exploring TextNow's Menu

Written by kevin-c


Did you know that your TextNow menu is also known as the Hamburger menu?

"Wait, what? What's a hamburger menu?" Is what I imagine you're saying right now. You may not know what it is, but I bet you've used it.

It's the menu that pops out when you tap the main menu button --- the one with three horizontal lines --- located in the top left-hand corner of the TextNow app.

It's called the hamburger menu, because the icon to open the menu kinda looks like a hamburger. (Software developers can be extremely literal.)

Like any main menu, it's the place in the TextNow app where you can access various functions of the app. Tap on that icon and the menu will slide out. Let's take a closer look at what's on there:

Conversations: The conversations page is the main page of the TextNow app.  It's where you text and call people from in the app.

Call History: A log of your incoming and outgoing calls, including missed calls and voicemails.

My Wallet: Shortcut to your account balance showing any current rewards and long-distance calling credits.

Activate SIM Card: Tap here to activate your TextNow SIM card, and to find out more information on our Nationwide Talk & Text Mobile Network.

Settings: You can set your app settings and preferences  (ringtones, wallpaper, passcodes) here. You can also logout of the app in the Settings menu.

Blog: Shortcut to TextNow's incredibly entertaining blog you're reading right now!

Support: A shortcut to our Support site, with loads of help articles, how-tos, and video tutorials.

Daily News: A new feature we've recently added --- Daily News is news feed of the day's top news stories, powered by Microsoft News. You can see an example below:

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