April 22, 2022

Earth Day: How to repurpose your old phone

Written by valeria


Earth Day comes with its own slew of emails, articles, and general promotion of eco-friendly choices, whether that includes opting for a reusable cup for your morning coffee run or checking out the clothing line that plants a tree with every purchase. But one of the most meaningful sustainable choices you can make — today and any other day moving forward — is learning how to repurpose your electronics, starting with your old phone(s).

Turn your phone on with free WiFi service

You put that old phone away because you decided to switch to a newer one, which took over your phone service. This basically means that it's become a paperweight, as you can only use it over WiFi, and even then, can only access apps and the internet — nothing that would be useful in the case that you needed to receive a call, or make one yourself.

But what if you could get actual phone service on it? Without having to go to your local Best Buy or phone service kiosk and pay for another line? The nice and easy answer is that you can, with TextNow. Simply download the app on the phone, pick your free local number, and that's it! As long as you're connected to WiFi, you got your very own dedicated second line that can serve as your side business number, the number you use for online promotions to avoid spam on your main one, or the number you give out to potential dates to vet them properly first. Or if none of that sounds like something you need, it can become a viable phone service for a younger family member or someone else who's in need — consider donating it to charity as well, to help others stay connected for free.

Turn your phone on with free nationwide service

If the above scenarios sound great, but you (or whoever you are passing the phone down to) would also need to be available even without WiFi, we still got you. Our SIM card (currently on sale for $0.99) can connect your phone to a nationwide network that will allow you to take the TextNow app wherever you go, even without WiFi. The SIM card requires a purchase, but that's the only time you'll pay for anything. Once you activate it, our ad-supported model will allow you to make calls or send texts anywhere in the U.S — perfect for someone who may not be able to afford a phone bill, but still needs to be accessible whenever they're not at home.

Phones are not only wasteful at the end of their life cycle if not disposed of (or repurposed) properly, they're also wasteful in all the extra packaging and accessories they come with. So if you can, hand your phone down to someone who's looking for their first phone, and teach them how they can phone smarter with a $0 month phone bill, and all the connections they can possibly need.