May 1, 2020

Distance Learning: How TextNow Is Helping Teachers Maintain A High Submission Rate

Written by guest


I heard about TextNow through one of my co-workers at school (she’s always on top of what’s new) and she suggested that since I wasn’t comfortable giving out my personal cell number that I should try it out.


I use the app for another communication avenue (in addition to email, Google Classroom, and Remind101) for the parents and students in this current situation we’re in. COVID-19 has put a dent in my communication with students because I prefer in-person or face-to-face communication.

As I work in a rural school district in East Texas, I find it is very difficult for most of my students to get internet access to get on their email or Google Classroom. I am trying to meet them in the middle since most of them have a cell phone with decent service and with TextNow I can send and receive messages without using my own number! It’s great!

Mostly, I use TextNow for text message homework turn in. If they state they don’t have internet access to send images of their work via email, I am accepting text message images. This has helped get a lot of assignments turned in from kids who weren’t turning them in the first few weeks when I didn’t have this option.

Submission Rate

Was too excited to share my 100% turn-in rate!

I 100% believe that TextNow has changed the way I connect and communicate with parents, because NO ONE can live and thrive in today’s world without a cell phone!

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