April 22, 2022

Customer Spotlight: How TextNow helped James G start a business with his brother

Written by nick


More than 10 million people every month use our app to stay connected. We love to chat with our customers about why they made the switch and how TextNow helps them to speak freely. This week, we spoke with James G from Cambridge, Ontario about how free phone service helps his family stay connected and even led to a new business opportunity.

1.     Hi James! How did you hear about TextNow?

I heard about TextNow a little over a year ago. My brother is homeless and can’t afford phone service, so I was searching for a way to get a phone number and call and text using the internet when I found the app.

With TextNow, my brother and his friends can stay connected without having to pay big bills or worry about having their service shut off. I’ve been recommending the app ever since.

2.     How does TextNow help you to speak freely?

Having free phone service has really helped bring my family together. Without TextNow, we wouldn’t be able to stay connected. It’s changed our lives.

It’s actually helped my brother and I start our own business recycling scrap metal and precious metals. Without TextNow, it wouldn’t really be possible for us to stay in touch to make the business work. Hopefully, having our business and earning money will help my brother get on his feet and afford a place to live.

3.     What’s your favourite thing about TextNow?

The price. Cell phone service is too expensive for a lot of people to afford, so being able to get it for free has been a real life changer for my family. Now we’re hoping that you’ll be able to offer your free wireless service and SIM card to Canada.